American Colonization, Native Americans, Jesuits and Settlers

Literature-Based Movies for an American History Curriculum
Take your class on a literature and film tour of American History with this timeline of book/ film combinations. This section covers colonization of America, settler interaction with Native American, French and Indian War, Dutch, English, Spanish and French settlers, Jesuit and Franciscan missionaries and early settlements.
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Health and Nutrition Films

Literature-Based Movies for Health Class: Documentaries, Books and Films on Health Issues
Films books and documentaries that explore nutrition and health issues.
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American Civil War Films

Literature-Based Movies for Teaching Civil War History
Novel to movie literature-based movies for your classroom with lesson plan details and discussion.
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Movies for Math Class

Literature-Based Movies for Math Class
Need a movie for math class? Here is a review of several math focused stories.
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Subscribe to United Streaming

United Streaming: Media Resources You Need in Your Classroom
Review of United Streaming, a media library website sponsored by area intermediate school districts.
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