Dr. Who: BBC Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Who is Dr. Who?
Who and What is 'Dr. Who'? A look at the BBC Wales sci-fi show, in it's 45th year. Dr. Who has American audiences young and old glued to the tube! Join the Doctor currently played by David Tennant)and his assistant as they battle Cybermen and Daleks in the good ship Tardis (aka an old police call box).While I'm probably stretching it to call Dr. Who educational, it's not not educational, and it's really cool time travel adventure!
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I am Sam Movie Review/ Critical Analysis

Film Review, Essay and Critical Analysis: I Am Sam
The film I am Sam (2001) with Sean Penn, explores mental retardation and so much more. The charming, poignant story takes on such complex issues as parenting, the nature of intelligence,personhood, love and other themes.
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