Will Kate Gosselin exclude Collin Gosselin from family Christmas as she made son miss his birthday?

Reality TV mom Kate Gosselin is Kate plus seven now that she's down a sextuplet. The "#Kate Plus 8" star had her son Collin Gosselin incarcerated in an undisclosed mental health facility for unspecified "anger issues." Gosselin didn't consult the boy's father Jon Gosselin who retains some rights to him. She made the child miss his 12th birthday party and may keep him locked up for Christmas although the clinic he's in is reportedly unsafe. Collin told staffers that his mom abused the kids and Gosselin's been investigated on child abuse, though results are suppressed, says Radar Online. All this has folks asking if Kate is scapegoating Collin, and why? Kate Gosselin to exclude Collin Gosselin from Christmas as she made son miss his birthday?

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