New 2013 Miss Marple Movies on Youtube, Oh Delicious Death!

Psst...Agatha Christie lovers, yes you. I know your guilty pleasure--delicious death. Mystery a la murder. Makes your toes tingle in wicked anticipation. Guess what I found on Youtube to feed your grand obsession? Yep, two new Miss Marple movies for 2013. This new batch casts Julia McKenzie as fluffy spinster-sleuth Jane Marple.

"A Caribbean Mystery" is elegantly set on St Honore, replete with gorgeous reggae soundtrack. Miss Marple is holiday to recuperate from a turned ankle and encounters a plethora of quirky characters. An uptight canon, garrulous major, a reclusive curmudgeon paralytic, a drunk lecher, a daffy vamp, an anal retentive married couple, a voodoo priestess, engaging locals, an affable host couple. And a murderer. Now run along children. Death waits for no man (or viewer!) Read on  New 2013 Miss Marple Movies on Youtube - News - Bubblews

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