Best Halloween Movie Plot Twists and Surprise Endings

Best Suspense Movies and Films with Surprise Endings and Plot Twists
I like surprise endings. There's nothing like a good plot twist to tickle my puzzle lover's brain. Sadly, many movies that promise a twist are predictable and trite. Here is my quintessential list of best suspense and plot twist movies ever made.
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What Does it Take to Make a Really Scary Movie?

Anatomy and Psychology of a Horror Movie
Halloween is the ripe season for horror movies, but what exactly constitutes a horror movie? Does it need a plot twist? Suspense? Mystery? Zombies? Blood and gore? Satanic influence? A presence of evil? Here is a psychological analysis of horror movies.
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Donald Trump's 'The Apprentice' in the Business Marketing Classroom

Donald Trump's The Apprentice in Business Marketing Classroom with Free Lesson Plans
Donald Trump has worn different hats. Most recently, as host of his reality RPG/ survivor TV show, The Apprentice, Trump wears an unlikely hat as educator. Marketing, business and economics instructors show The Apprentice in class.
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Best Non-Scary Halloween Movies for Trick-or-Treat

Best Non- Scary Halloween Movies for Children
I am self-confessed coward about scary movies. I don't watch them. I was pretty careful about what I let my children watch, knowing that they were easily frightened. Looking for some non-scary Halloween movies? Here are some you're sure to enjoy.
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Frank Lloyd Wright Vintage House Restoration Video for History, Design Classes

Frank Lloyd Wright Steelcase 'Meyer May House' in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Grand Rapids Michigan is favored with the possession of a national treasure. The Meyer May Home, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1908 and loving restored by funds from Steelcase, proudly awaits visitors and pilgrims seeking fine architecture. Website and tour includes free movie depicting the complete restoration project. Perfect for design, engineering, architecture and history classes. Click here for video.
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