Workers Memorial Day, May Day, Union History Movies

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a U.S. institution. Worldwide, Labor Day is observed May 1 as May Day. We celebrate the achievements of organized labor unions in protecting workers' rights. April 28 is Workers Memorial Day when we honor those lost in the labor struggle. The U.S. alone has had more than its share of worker death and suffering. The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, Chicago's Haymarket massacre, the Flint Sitdown Strike, Battle of Running Bulls, strikes, lockouts, police brutality all to create better working conditions for everyone. Labor Day, May Day, Workers Memorial Day--these are not just holidays.  When labor wins a victory it helps everyone. We have organized labor unions to thank for better healthcare benefits, unemployment benefits, safer working conditions, womens' right, racial unity, overtime pay, paid holidays and sick days, child labor laws and many other benefits that workers now take for granted. Here are labor union movies to watch for Labor Day. Watch these movies to understand more about how labors unions have impacted our lives. Note: I hadn't seen "Harlan County War" at the time of this writing and would add that. Best Labor Unions History Movies to Watch for Labor Day

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