Bully Documentary Hits a Raw Spot

The movie "Bully" has been given an R-rating because it contains strong language--language kids are subjected to from their peers. The entire purpose of the film is to demonstrate how hurtful those words are and why we're seeing so many bullying-related problems. Sadly, the R-rating means it will be difficult for teachers to show this film to kids who really need to see it. This movie hits a raw spot for me. Someone I love was horrendously bullied. When he "fought back" like adults so often tell kids to do, it had disastrous results. Here's that story  'Bully' Documentary Hits a Raw Spot 

Best Movie for Lent and Easter: Jesus of Nazareth

Lent is the penitential season is which we prepare our hearts for the resurrection of Jesus at Easter. As Christ journeyed through the desert and was tempted by Satan, we journey in a spiritual way. We practice the spiritual exercises of prayer, fasting and alms-giving. There are dozens of helpful books to guide us on our Lenten journey. The Bible is of course our source of wisdom. In this digital age, however, many people look to the television as the primary source of information. Here's a review of the a great Easter teaching tool. Best Movie for Lent and Easter: Jesus of Nazareth 

TLC Caves to Pressure, Pulls All-American Muslim

TLC (The Learning Channel) has caved to pressure from Florida Family Association and pulled the controversial show "All-American Muslim." Ratings were low, says LA Times, and thanks to FFA's haranguing, many sponsors dropped the show.
I'm a Christian; I'm also an American who believes in freedom, of religion and of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As an American, I don't think one faction, like FFA, should dictate the nation's viewing choices. Read more at TLC Caves to FFA Pressure, Pulls 'All-American Muslim'

Invisible Children Kony 2012; Film Eye-Opening, but Limited

This is an article I wrote about the Invisible Children program and filmmaker Jason Russell's team. It covers IC's film "Kony 2012." Russell is an outspoken advocate for a military presence in Uganda to overthrow Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army. Russell has harsh words for those who differ with his vision. He said recently in Alternet "A lot of people  fear Christians, they  fear Liberty University, they  fear Invisible Children - because they feel like we have an agenda. They see us and they go, "You want me to sign up for something, you want my money. You want, you want me to believe in your God."  And it freaks them out." Kony 2012 doesn't freak me. It concerns me that it's misguided. Here's why. Invisible Children, Jason Russell's Kony 2012 Movie Limited.

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