Stupid but Popular Movies

Stupid Movies That Have Become Curiously Popular
Review of movies that have risen to fame, but are pretty dumb in reality.
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Psychology Films: Impact of Parental Pressure

Literature Based Films for Psychology Classes: Family, Parents
Family structure and dynamics is a key component of the study of psychology and sociology. These book and film sets explore inappropriate expectations and how children respond. Amadeus, Shine, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Dead Poet's Society
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Not Dull History; Not your Average Historical Movies

Literature-Based Movies for an American History Curriculum
Take a film tour of American History with this timeline of book/ film duos. Not your boring, dessicated American History. Not your average educational movies.
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Awesome Movies Based on Black Americans

Literature-Based Movies to Celebrate Black History Month in Your Classroom
Over 20 top literature-based movies to share the struggles and the triumph of Black Americans. Includes book references and discussion questions. Also celebrates the Black American contribution to theater, movies and television.
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Edgy, Film-Noir Sensual Romance Films

Top Non Sappy Valentine's Day Movies
Do you celebrate anti-valentine's day? Or do you just hate sappy romantic movies? Here are 8 films for Valentine's Day to watch with your lover. These movies are edgy, film-noir and intense!
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Educational Films for World War One History

Literature-Based Movies for World War One History Classes
Review of books and movies that explore WWI history and sociology.
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Foreign Films with Literature Connections

Best Foreign Films and Films Set in Foreign Countries
Foreign films have an alluring je ne ce quoi. They have an edgy elegance. Here is the definitive list of the ten best foreign films, films shot on location and films based on foreign countries. Most films are based on books and historical events. Get ready to be dazzled!
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Jazz Age American History Book Based Films

Literature Based Movies for 20th Century Economics and History Classes: The Jazz Age: Post WWI
Review of movies based on works of literature. Jazz Age stories that cover prohibition, roaring twenties, rise of black musicians, returning WWI vets, joblessness, flappers, War on Crime and J. Edgar Hoover, gangsters and more.
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