GLEE, The Music, The Christmas Album Review

"Glee, The Music, The Christmas Album" premiered on November 16, 2010. This holiday CD features 12 tracks of contemporary favorites (Last Christmas), secular classics and some religious Christmas carols. Read on...

Best Movies for Understanding Mental Retardation

Retard. Dummy. Moron. Those words make me feel ill. They should offend any thinking person. Understanding mental retardation requires accurate information coupled with empathy. Here are movies, films and television shows that help us understand what it means to be 'mentally handicapped' or 'developmentally disabled'. Read on...

"The Twilight Zone" Makes Great Sociology, Psychology Lesson Plans

You may know that "The Twilight Zone" was a killer thriller TV series. You may know that Rod Serling created The Twilight Zone, movie and comic series. You doubtless recognize the TZ theme song. Here are some  little known facts about the Twilight Zone. Read on...

Alfred Hitchcock Films for Psychology, Films In Literature and Film-Making Classes

My 'Frenzy' for Alfred Hitchcock Movie Memorabilia
Alfred Hitchcock reigns supreme as perfecter of the 'film noir' genre. Hitchcock isn't the only director to dabble in the dark "Psycho" drama, but he is "Notorious" for it. I have a predilection for Hitchcock memorabilia. A 'Frenzy' for it, if you will.
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World War One Movies for History Lessons

World War One Movies for American and World History Classes
Veteran's Day, celebrates the Armistice with Germany in World War One on November 11, 1918. WWI, hailed as "The Great War" and "The War to End all Wars" is commemorated in these literature based films. Use these movies to explore war history.
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War Movies and Jazz Era Movies for Veteran's Day

Books and Movies for Veteran's Day
Veteran's Day remembers soldiers the world over and especially those who gave the last full measure in WWI. WWI nearly obliterated an entire generation. Here are books and movies to explore the 'war to end all wars'.
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Best Halloween Movie Plot Twists and Surprise Endings

Best Suspense Movies and Films with Surprise Endings and Plot Twists
I like surprise endings. There's nothing like a good plot twist to tickle my puzzle lover's brain. Sadly, many movies that promise a twist are predictable and trite. Here is my quintessential list of best suspense and plot twist movies ever made.
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What Does it Take to Make a Really Scary Movie?

Anatomy and Psychology of a Horror Movie
Halloween is the ripe season for horror movies, but what exactly constitutes a horror movie? Does it need a plot twist? Suspense? Mystery? Zombies? Blood and gore? Satanic influence? A presence of evil? Here is a psychological analysis of horror movies.
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Donald Trump's 'The Apprentice' in the Business Marketing Classroom

Donald Trump's The Apprentice in Business Marketing Classroom with Free Lesson Plans
Donald Trump has worn different hats. Most recently, as host of his reality RPG/ survivor TV show, The Apprentice, Trump wears an unlikely hat as educator. Marketing, business and economics instructors show The Apprentice in class.
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Best Non-Scary Halloween Movies for Trick-or-Treat

Best Non- Scary Halloween Movies for Children
I am self-confessed coward about scary movies. I don't watch them. I was pretty careful about what I let my children watch, knowing that they were easily frightened. Looking for some non-scary Halloween movies? Here are some you're sure to enjoy.
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Frank Lloyd Wright Vintage House Restoration Video for History, Design Classes

Frank Lloyd Wright Steelcase 'Meyer May House' in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Grand Rapids Michigan is favored with the possession of a national treasure. The Meyer May Home, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1908 and loving restored by funds from Steelcase, proudly awaits visitors and pilgrims seeking fine architecture. Website and tour includes free movie depicting the complete restoration project. Perfect for design, engineering, architecture and history classes. Click here for video.
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'Fight Club' Author Chuck Paulaniuk

Author Chuck Palahniuk Fight Club, Survivor and Beyond
Chuck Palahniuk (Ukranian, pronounced 'paula nick') author of Fight Club, Survivor, Rant, Choke, Lullaby and other brief one-word book titles, has earned high marks in literary circles.
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Author Agatha Christie's 120th Birthday: Books and Movies

Agatha Christie 120th Birthday: Happy Birthday Dame of Detection and Delicious Death
Agatha Christie, DBE, CBE and dame of detective fiction was born on September 15, 1890. She would be 120 years old today. Outsold only by the Bible and Shakespeare, author Agatha Christie's books on Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple enthrall mystery lovers.
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Best Labor Union Films History Movies to Watch for Labor Day

Best Labor Unions History Movies to Watch for Labor Day
Labor Day, the first Monday in September, was celebrates the achievements of organized labor unions in protecting workers'rights. Labor Day is about more than just BBQs and the last summer holiday. Here are labor union movies to watch for Labor Day.
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Jeff Shaara Follows 'The Killer Angels' Michael Shaara with 'No Less Than Victory' War History Books

Jeff Shaara's No Less Than Victory Completes WWII Trilogy
Jeff Shaara, son of renown American Civil War historian and author of The Killer Angels, Michael Shaara, has completed his own war requiem with the publication of No Less Than Glory, that last in Shaara's World War II trilogy.
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'19 Children and Counting' Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar on Children

Duggars Tell People Magazine 'We're Ready for More' as 19th Child Josie Just Released from Hospital
Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, parents of 19 children and hosts of TLC reality TV show '19 Kids and Counting', appeared on the cover of People magazine' August 12 issue with Duggar #19, baby Josie. 'We are ready for more' was their quote.
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'Legend of the Guardians; the Owls of Ga'hoole' from Kathryn Lansky Book Series

Free Printable 'Legend of the Guardians- the Owls of Ga'hoole' Activities and Games
Guardians of Ga'Hoole is a series of books by Kathryn Lansky, depicting a group of fabled Owl warriors who guard Ga'Hoole. Legend of the Guardian opens September 24, 2010. Here are free printable Guardians of Ga'Hoole games and activities.
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'Hell's Kitchen' Gordon Ramsay Cooks Up 'MasterChef' Amateur Competition

Hot-headed Chef Gordon Ramsay brews up more kitchen flame wars with 'his imported from the UK' cooking competition MasterChef. Instead of professional chef cook offs as in Hell's Kitchen amateurs compete for cash prizes and the chance to author a cookbook in Masterchef. Joining Chef Ramsay are two cooking guru-restauranteur experts. Read on...

Free Printable Legend of the Guardians; Owls of Gahoole Book and Movie Activities

Free Printable Legend of the Guardians- the Owls of Ga'hoole Activities and Games
Guardians of Ga'Hoole is a series of books by Kathryn Lansky, depicting a group of fabled Owl warriors who guard Ga'Hoole. Legend of the Guardian opens September 24, 2010. Here are free printable Guardians of Ga'Hoole games and activities.
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Best American History Movies for 4th of July

Best American History Movies to Watch for 4th of July
The American Revolutionary War wears many faces, some of them mask the real stories. This life of American history and Revolutionary War films provides a more multi-dimensional view of the United States and American history.
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The Office Loses Steve Carell Michael Scott

Can The Office Survive Boss Michael Scott Loss when Steve Carell Leaves After Season 7?
Based on the BBC, NBC's The Office has attracted a cult following since 2005. After it's 7th season, Steve Carell will cash in his chips as the bombastic, ADHD office manager Michael Scott. Can The Office survive?
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Free Printable Disney 'UP' Craft Activities and Party Supplies

Free Printable Disney UP Craft Activities and Party Decorations
Walt Disney's full length movie UP about balloon man Carl Fredricks and his would-be Wilderness Explorer friend Russell came out in 2009. If you loved UP, you'll love these free printable craft activities and party supplies.
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Best Sensual Gothic Romance Movies

Best Sensual Gothic Romance Movies
Wit the recent vampire, werewolf and zombie craze, Gothic horror is the catch phrase of the day. Twilight wasn't the first movie to imbue Gothic horror with sensuality and romance. Here is a list of sensual Gothic movies.
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Get Him to the Greek, Get Me Russell Brand

Get Him to the Greek  Russell Brand: Bombastic Brainy Brit Boy Toy
Russell Brand Get Him to the Greek (with Jonah Hill) is one hairy, hot, smart-mouthed Brit. The Essex born 35 year-old is singer Katy Perry, current arm candy and is known for sporting Regency-Edwardian steampunk and speaking out of turn.
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Best Movies Based on William Shakespeare Plays

Best Book-to-Movie Versions of William Shakespeare's Works
Just what makes the works William Shakespeare so popular, even after almost 500 years, will probably never be answered definitively. Shakespeare's works are outsold only by the Bible. Here are the best movie versions of Shakespeare.
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