Hands-Down Best Movie for Lent, Easter: Zeffirelli's "Jesus of Nazareth"

Lent is the penitential season is which we prepare our hearts for the resurrection of Jesus at Easter. As Christ journeyed through the desert and was tempted by Satan, we journey in a spiritual way. We practice the spiritual exercises of prayer, fasting and almgiving. There are many helpful devotional books to guide us on our Lenten way of the cross. The Bible is our source of wisdom. But in this digital age many people look to the television as the primary source of information. Children understand TV because it looks real. And reading is difficult for some, especially elderly. So TV can be a good medium for religious devotion, too.  There are several films that provide spiritual guidance: Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ","The Greatest Story Ever Told" and "Jesus." But stands ahead of the crowd--Franco Zeffirelli's "Jesus of Nazareth" (1977). It's a must-see for the Lenten and Easter season. Even in it's 36th anniversary, it has an enduring message. It's the definitive portrayal of the Bible stories with acting that must have been divinely inspired. No film has moved me to tears and to spiritual awakening like this one. Best Movie for Lent and Easter: Jesus of Nazareth  Watch it with your family, classroom, Sunday School, youth group, religious ed class or Bible Study group.

Prince Poppycock John Quale Rocks Comic Opera in Gilbert and Sullivan Tradition

I'm nothing if not eclectic in musical tastes. Schizophrenic might be a better word. I can swing Thelonius Monk, to Ralph Stanley to UB40 to Spanish guitar to Bessie Smith to Gilbert and Sullivan. My newest love is Prince Poppycock, the musical phenomenon of John Andrew Quale. Styled on the comic opera of Mozart, the garish decadence of Regency England, the pomp of Louis XIV France and mountains of heaven-bound powdered wigs, Prince Poppycock is everything extravagant.

As Poppycock, Quayle auditioned on America's Got Talent. Sharon Osbourne gave him (her) the diva kiss and ovation.  I don't know if America is ready for this brand of talent (only those steeped in eons of musical theatre  like me, probably are).  Judging by the reception, we may be. Quale is no denim clad folk singer. He's a visual feast for the eyes. In complete Figaro regalia, from pompadour to harlequin maquillade to satin waistcoat to lace mitts to bowed dance slippers, Poppycock looks like he stepped the "Amadeus" Emporer Joseph II court scene. You've got to experience the boy to believe. Poppycock has a following in the LGBTQ community, but I hope those who aren't can step out of their comfort zone and give it a chance. It's a lot of fun. Prince Poppycock-- John Quale Comic Opera Alterego

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