"The Twilight Zone" Makes Great Sociology, Psychology Lesson Plans

You may know that "The Twilight Zone" was a killer thriller TV series. You may know that Rod Serling created The Twilight Zone, movie and comic series. You doubtless recognize the TZ theme song. Here are some  little known facts about the Twilight Zone. Read on...

Alfred Hitchcock Films for Psychology, Films In Literature and Film-Making Classes

My 'Frenzy' for Alfred Hitchcock Movie Memorabilia
Alfred Hitchcock reigns supreme as perfecter of the 'film noir' genre. Hitchcock isn't the only director to dabble in the dark "Psycho" drama, but he is "Notorious" for it. I have a predilection for Hitchcock memorabilia. A 'Frenzy' for it, if you will.
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World War One Movies for History Lessons

World War One Movies for American and World History Classes
Veteran's Day, celebrates the Armistice with Germany in World War One on November 11, 1918. WWI, hailed as "The Great War" and "The War to End all Wars" is commemorated in these literature based films. Use these movies to explore war history.
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War Movies and Jazz Era Movies for Veteran's Day

Books and Movies for Veteran's Day
Veteran's Day remembers soldiers the world over and especially those who gave the last full measure in WWI. WWI nearly obliterated an entire generation. Here are books and movies to explore the 'war to end all wars'.
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