Big Bang Theory Gives Fun New Vocab

We don't have cable TV nor even network television (old house, crumby antennae and not a priority). We watch Netflix online and a few DVDs but we're way behind the times with regular shows.

So I've only just discovered "Big Bang Theory"--I know, you long-term fans are gasping. "What?? It's been on for years and you just now found it?? What rock do you live under?" Like I said, we're pretty medieval. Anyway, setting our TV barrenness aside, try Big Bang Theory for a laugh a minute.Thank You, Big Bang Theory for Fun New Vocab

Best Non- Scary Halloween Movies for Kids (and Adults!)

I am self-confessed coward when it comes scary movies. Don't like 'em, didn't let my kids watch them. But Halloween is the time when all those old creep shows start up. Looking for some non-scary Halloween movies? Here are some you're sure to enjoy. We watch them every year and howl--with laughter! Best Non- Scary Halloween Movies for Children

Try Blackpool for a Brit Flick Fix

I'm a self-avowed US British telly lover. (See, Brit friends I even used the anglicized term telly, aren't you proud?
). My particular favorite it Brit mystery. We've never had cable TV, digital, that blue-ray thingy or any fancy-schmancy TV. Just an old junk pile rescue that doesn't even pull in regular stations (defunct antennae--not worth fixing). So we get our TV fix from the internet.

Well, I blew through all the Poirots, Marples, Sherlock Holmes (every incarnation), Lord Peter Wimsey, Ngaio Marsh, Foyle's War, Campion, Lewis, Rosemary and Thyme (most of those I've written about too). And I was plumb out of ideas. I started watching "Blackpool" on a whim and am liking it. I love the way they've made it like a musical and use schmaltzy American tunes for dialog. Pretty creative.  Need a Brit Flick Fix? Try Blackpool 

TED Talks Provide Intellectual Stimulation

I've been a fan of PBS POV and Independent Lens for awhile. It satisfies my need for cerebral stimulation. Or more correctly, it doesn't--it whets it. I find my thinking refined like grain in gristmill. And it makes me realize how ignorant I really am and how much I have to learn.

I found a new source for sense-sharpening: TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Talks. Huffington Post is doing a TED Weekends series. I liked the premise--"Ideas are not set in stone. When exposed to thoughtful people, they morph and adapt into their most potent form." I like to think of thought as plastic--moldable but also reshapable. We can reframe our minds. Knowledge is fluid. Concepts are bigger than our tiny, possibly closed-ended view of them.  TED Talks, Moonies, Cultism--My Newest Cerebral Addiction

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