WWII Movies for American and World History Units

Literature-Based Movies for World War Two History Lessons
Need good quality film and literature connections for WWII unit? Here are six literature based movies for American, World, and European history classes. Films cover spectrum of issues in the Second World War.
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Literature-Based Movies for Teaching Civil War History
Need quality literature-based films for American History class? Here are six Novel and movie recommendations based around the American Civil War. Includes prelude to war, union and confederate perspective, antebellum south, reconstruction as well as battle history. s for your classroom with lesson plan details and discussion.
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Sociology and Psychology Films~ Institutionalized Behavoir

Literature Based Films to Use in Psychology and Sociology Classes
Film and literature connections for Psychology classes. Explore the effect of correctional and psychological institutions on human behavior.
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Medieval Lit-Based Films (1100-1500ad)

Literature Based Movies for Medieval History or Lit Class: Life in the Middle Ages: 1100-1500
Definitive list of movies to explore middle ages. Films based on literature. Medieval times films for history, literature and social studies classes.
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Economics and History Movies

Literature Based Movies for 20th Century Economics and History Classes: The Jazz Age: Post WWI films.
Movies bases on literature from post WWI. Jazz-age American economics. Movies for American economic history. A review of movies based on works of literature.
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