Yes, Virginia, Contestants DO Have Sex on The Bachelor

ABC's "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette"--what a hoot. Line a bunch of competitive exhibitionist singles up so the chosen exhibitionist can knock them out one at a time. Talk about a recipe for misery.

A few years ago, I pondered "aloud" in a article on Yahoo! if contestants had sex on the show. That would just be the coup de grace, wouldn't it?

When asked if Bachelors/Bachelorettes did the dirty host Chris Harrison said  'Well, Duhh...'.  Okay, so maybe it should be obvious. My 16 year old knew.

Evidently, each bachelor has sex with an average of three girls per season. So not everyone has sex. Whew. I feel much better now. Bachelor Bob Guiley was the reigning gigolo, racking up a five and one half sexual encounters.

Snarkiness notwithstanding, I'm worried about the emotional trauma involved. Did everyone check their brain at the door? With all those hook-ups, some contestants are bound to go home with lovely parting gifts in the form of STDS.

Then there's shame, rejection, self-doubt, hurt. Plus, who knows if the hook-ups end up together? I'd always be wondering if when he was with me, if it was better with Bachelorette #12, or 18 or #5? Then there's objectification and sexist issues.

I've heard of test-drives, but seems to me you're just getting someone else's (very) used goods. I know, few adults bring virginity to the table. But do we really want to create more opportunities for mindless sex? Hook-ups aren't as casual as people would like to believe. They leave emotional scars. Ask any therapist.

Try as we humans might to root out this monogamous habit, we just can't shake it. We just can't handle quick in and out connections (pun intended).

On-show sex pours emotional gasoline to the already-volatile Molotov cocktail that is "The Bachelor." I won't put it down to our lowering morals. Hook-ups have always happened. I will warn participants to watch out. Making a contest (and conquest) out of relationships is going to come back to bite.

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