Eine Kleine Nachtmusik -Jazzy Blues with a Little Soul

When I am happy, jazz music raises me higher. When I'm down, I need me some blues. And soul, I like whatever my mood or season. With that in mind, here's eine kleine nachtmusik Mar-style, to take you through the night. We start off with "Miss Celie's Blues" from The Color Purple. Then, one of my favorite blues mamas Big Mama Thornton, "Hound Dog." Oh you thought the wannabe poser Elvis wrote it? Nah--he just sang it and nearly as good as Lady Mama. So here's everything from Deetroit Motown to New Orleans jazz funerals and some Bela Fleck funk sprinkled on top.Eine Kleine Nacht Music--Jazzy Blues with a Little Soul

Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock Season 3 Disappoints

I didn't watch Sherlock (with Benedict Cumberbatch) on matter of principle. I'm a real Sherlockian purist and was convinced modernizing would ruin the aura. I'm partial to period drama and feel like it's unfair to the author to change it up so much. I hated the Americanized Sherlock with Robert Downey Jr.

Well, I ran out of Agatha Christies and needed a Brit mystery fix. In desperation I tried Sherlock (being very prepared to hate it). And oh frabjuous day, I loved it. I liked the present-day twists on Victorian/Edwardian situations. I like the subtle but effective use of technology --texting, iPhones, internet. The substitution of blog for written biography works well. The metaphors, personalities, updated storylines retain the original flavour in the present-day. But on several levels,  Sherlock Season 3 is a Tad Disappointing

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