'The Cove' Dolphin Slaughter Documentary

The Cove Dolphin Slaughter Documentary: Should Kids View?
Our sixth grade daughter's class watched the Oscar winning documentary The Cove in science class. The Cove depicts the senseless slaughter of dolphins in Japan. Should children see this graphic documentary?
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Best Movies for Cinco de Mayo

Best Movies for Cinco De Mayo
Cinco de Mayo isn't the Mexican independence day, but it does celebrate an unprecedented military victory. A small Mexican army routed the superior French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Here are movies to celebrate Mexican culture.
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Best Vampire Movies for 'Twilight' Saga Lovers

Best Vampire Movies for Twilight Saga Lovers
You bought, read and re-read all the Twilight series and saw both the series' movies. You've redone your room and wardrobe in Gothic vampire. What can you do till 'Eclipse' comes out or Stephanie Myers writes another book?
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'Shutter Island' 2010 Best Plot Twist

'Shutter Island' Best 2010 Plot Twist Surprise Ending
Commercials for Shutter Island had me fooled. Hollywood is improving it's ability to create leading trailers. Shutter Island had me convinced that it would be another insane asylum inmates beating flick. Turns out Shutter Island has superb plot twists.
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Fox TV 'Glee' Lessons for Performing Arts

Glee Season Two: Lessons for Performing Arts Students
Fox TV's hit musical television show Glee is back with a vengeance for season two. At first, many worried that Glee ape High School Musical. Wrong! Glee combines high school angst, real world drama and stellar musical performances.
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