Free Printable Activities from The Hunger Games Books, Movies

It's an understatement to say that "The Hunger Games" book trilogy, by Suzanne Collins, has taken the world by storm. "The Hunger Games" movie blasted to top spot when it came out in March. The saga continues in "Catching Fire" and "Mockingjay" which don't stay long on book shelves. Planning to teach a unit on "The Hunger Games" books or movie? Here are free printable lesson plans and activities for several different content areas. As for age level, t he movie is acceptable for most ages, but the books are a bit graphic. I recommend using "The Hunger Games" series with kids over 12. Read more at Free Printable Activities from 'The Hunger Games' Book, Movie 

Most Banned Books--Authors of Teen Lit, Kids Literature

Sept. 24 to Oct.1, 2012 celebrated the 30th anniversary of the ALA Banned Book Week. BBW celebrates authors who broke convention to write books about touchy subjects. Here are stats about most oft-censored children and teen authors and literature. Most of these statistics hold true for adult literature as well. Many of the most challenged books were made into movies and some are regularly used in high school curriculum. Have I whetted your curiosity? Click here to find out if your favorite author, book or book-to-movie is on the list. (Six of our family favorites are right on top!) Most Banned Books? Authors of Teen, Children's Literature

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